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Shop Services Available


When you need services such as rekeying, duplicate keys, lock repair, window locks, garage door hardware, padlocks and hasps and electric strikes, our experienced shop service technicians are able to take care of your needs. Find what fits and what matches your home, business or vehicle.

We can make keys for most common cars and motorcycles, antique vehicles, keys with computer chips, skeleton keys, keys for antique furniture and tubular keys. We also provide key control, high security locks, keys with “Do Not Duplicate” on them, towel dispenser keys, filing cabinet and mailbox keys and padlock keys.

  • Duplicate Keys for Businesses
  • Duplicate Keys for Residences
  • Keys for Cars and Motorcycles
  • Get Existing Locks Rekeyed
  • Install Locks on Dispensers
  • Duplicate Antique Keys
  • Mailbox Locks and Keys
  • Apartment Locks and Keys
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    Quality Workmanship

    We smooth metal burrs off duplicate keys so they work properly when you get them home; and so the duplicates don’t leave metal shards in the lock.

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    Quality Tools

    We make sure our keys are of the best quality before we give them to you, whether they are for your business, home or vehicle so you don’t have to make a second trip.

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    Cutting a Duplicate

    No matter what kind of key you need duplicated, we most likely have a blank for it, including antique car keys and antique lock keys for your home and furniture.

Shop Services Offered

  • Glenview Key and Lock makes duplicate keys for most common cars and antique cars. When you have your auto locks replaced, have them rekeyed to your existing car key. Just bring the lock to us first.

  • We are experts at fitting keys, and or repairing antique furniture or Skeleton key locks. Bring them in.

  • When you need a new knob or deadbolt, bring a picture in and we can help you find the lock that best fits your needs. When you buy the lock from us, we can rekey the lock to your existing key for free.

  • If you lose your keys, bring in your locks and we are often able to fit an existing key. This includes padlocks, house locks, and car locks.

  • We are able to design master key systems complete with keying charts, so we can keep track of all your keys for apartment buildings. We are happy to provide the locks for you.

  • We have a wide array of padlocks, and hasps for most applications. We are happy to help you improve your physical security. If you have a photo of what you’re looking for, bring it to our shop.